Which Is The Only School Left Standing In Dragonspyre?

Sir Malory is the answer. Which of the following is the only school still standing in Dragonspyre?

What is the name of the balance tree?

Niles is known as the Balance Tree.

What school is the Gurtok demon focused on?

The Krokonomicon is the answer. What educational institution does the Gurtok Demon favor?

Who is the missing prince w101?

Valencia’s city halls are the answer. Correct! 4. What is the identity of the lost prince? Tiziri Silvertusk is the answer. Correct!

Who asks you to find Khrysanthemum wizard101?

Specifically, at Valencia’s city halls Correct! What is the identity of the enigmatic prince? 4. Tiziri Silvertusk is the correct answer to your query. Correct!

What is Diego’s full name?

Diego Santiago Quariquez Ramirez the Third is the correct answer. What are the primary colors associated with the mythological school?

Who is Bill Tanner’s sister?

Sarah Tanner is the answer. What level do you have to be in order to wear Dragonspyre created apparel?

What is Sgt Major Talbot’s full name?

What is the complete name of Sgt. Major Talbot? Sylvester Quimby Talbot III was the correct answer!

Where has Pharenor been imprisoned?

Shrubberies are the correct answer! 11. Can you tell me where Pharenor is being held prisoner? Skythorn Tower is the correct answer!

What level of spell does Enya Firemoon teach?

The first question is, at what degree of spell does Enya Firemoon teach? Answer: 80 % of the time correct!

Who would most likely carry a spirit flute?

The answer is “Big Sky.” Who is the most probable person to have a spirit flute in their possession?

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What term best fits sun magic spells?

Mortis can instruct you in this area. Answer: Take a deep breath and relax. What is the most appropriate phrase to describe Sun Magic Spells? How strong would your supercharge charm be if you were a storm wizard with four power pips and three normal pips?

What shows Steed you’re part of the resistance?

Granchia is the answer. What evidence do you have that you’re a member of the Resistence?

Which trainer is more apt to teach you about a peacemaker?

Mr. Trelawney is the answer. What’s the name of the Tavern on Skull Island, and where can you find it?

Who is the emperor of MooShu’s Royal Guard Wizard101?

Mr. Trelawney’s response: What’s the name of the Tavern on Skull Island, and where can I find out?

Where is the silent market Wizard101?

Once upon a time, Khrysalis’ Silent Market was a bustling center of commerce. Another Exotic Exhibit, a Khrysanthemum, may be located beyond the destroyed arch at the top of the stairway on the right, which leads to the end of the quest. A Teleport Hub can be found in the lake area at the entrance of Tyrian Gorge, near the entrance to the dungeon.

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