Where Is Pineville High School? (Question)

Pineville High School has a total enrollment of how many students?

  • Pineville High School is a public high school in the Rapides Parish School District in Pineville, Louisiana. It is the only high school in the district. Students in grades 9 through 12 make up the total enrollment of 1444. Pineville High School is the 32nd most populous public high school in Louisiana and the 3,579th most populous high school in the United States. In this school, the student to instructor ratio is 16.6 to 1. The total number of students is 1,444.

Is Pineville High School a 5A school?

We are really pleased with our 5A State Champions!

What is the largest High school in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s largest high schools are listed below.

  • University View Academy is a private, non-profit organization. Dutchtown High School is a virtual school that may be accessed online. In Louisiana, the Ascension Parish Public Schools and the Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy are both located. JPPS (Jefferson Parish Public Schools) in Louisiana includes: West Monroe High School, St. Ambrose High School, Sulphur High School and Mandeville High School.

Does Rapides Parish have school?

Rapides Parish is seen on this diagram. Rapides Parish has 47 schools with a total enrollment of 22,855 pupils. Minority enrolment in the district accounts for 60% of total enrollment. In addition, 46.6% of pupils are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

What is the smallest school in Louisiana?

This table lists the 32 public colleges in Louisiana with the lowest enrolment of full- and part-time students, as determined by the number of students enrolled. South Central Louisiana Technical College Young Memorial Campus, with a student population of 190, is the most populous campus on the list.

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How many school parishes are in Louisiana?

A total of 1303 public schools are located in seventy school districts in Louisiana. School districts are responsible for the administration of the vast majority of public schools.

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