How To Get A Filmmaker In High School Story? (Correct answer)

In High School Story, filmmakers are a sort of classmate in the sense that they are creative. Artists, dancers, actors, and Homecomings are all accessible at the sixth level, along with other professions. They are a mix of Artist and Nerd students, and they may be placed in either of those hangouts depending on their personality.

  • It is feasible to obtain the Filmmaker (both sexes) by employing a mixture of other cliques that are engaged in the process. For example, it is feasible to invite a gamer and an actress to a party since it will meet the requirement for an artist and geek clique at the gathering. But this is not suggested because it can result in a wide variety of classmate kinds and should not be depended upon.

How do you get a party writer on High School Story?

Writers are a subset of students in High School Story who are similar to one another. Basically, they’re a cross between Prep, Nerd, and Artist. You may acquire them by participating in parties, or you can unlock them from the Library once you have recruited Kallie.

How do you get a male virtuoso in High School Story?

Virtuoso is a new classmate kind that was introduced to the game on January 22nd of this year. At Level 9, they may be unlocked along with musicians, glee clubs, band members, disc jockeys, proms, and heartthrobs. They are a cross between a musician and an artist in the traditional sense.

How do you get a werewolf on High School Story?

This classmate kind was introduced to the game on January 22, 2014, and can be found in the Virtuoso category. At Level 9, they may be unlocked along with musicians, glee clubs, band members, disc jockeys, prom attendees, and heartthrobs. Musician and artist, they are a hybrid of the two.

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How do you get rare classmates in HS story?

When you take your students to parties, it is common to locate a new Classmate who want to join your school. For each character class, such as Nerd, Actor, or Homecoming, there is a more frequent type and a rarer variety to choose from. Keep partying with the same combination of people who acquire you the common kind if you want to get a rare type.

How do you get an elf in HS story?

In High School Story, elves are a sort of classmate who might be encountered. Players with a level of 6 or above may be able to get them. They are a mix of Prep, Nerd, and Artist peers, and they may be put in any of the three hangouts mentioned above.

How do you get a female actor on HS story?

For 120 rings, you may purchase a male Actor from the Store, and he can be sold for 400 coins after that. The female Actor may be acquired from the Store for 250 rings, and she can be sold for 800 coins after she has been purchased.

How do you get a vampire on HS story?

Those who are artists, dancers, filmmakers, and actors can access them at the level of 6. They are a mix of Jock, Artist, and Prep peers, and they may be placed in any of the three Hangouts mentioned above. Until Halloween, you will not be able to purchase a Vampire.

How many levels does high school story have?

The plot is divided into three “Books,” each of which has fifteen chapters, and it centers on a new character created by the player who moves to Berry High. The following characters appear in these books with the original characters: Julian (as well as Payton), Mia (as well as Autumn), Koh (as well as Sakura), Ezra, Nishan (as well as Kara), Max (as well as Wes), and Hearst High (as well as the rival school).

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How do you get rings in High School Story?

To gain rings, you must first complete Time-Sensitive Quests and Seasonal Quests, as well as watch advertising and complete levels on Extra Credit. You may also earn rings by visiting friends’ schools and linking with them. Rings can also be won when a pair advances to a new level in Dating.

How do you get a foodie in HSS?

Presidents, Varsities, Anime Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Yearbooks, Earth Clubs, and Jazz Clubs are all unlocked at Level 14, along with other clubs such as Presidents. President, Artist, and Prep are all combined into one character, and they may be put in one of these hangouts. The male is more difficult to come by than the female.

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