Kentucky's Charter Schools Law (links)

KRS 160.1590 Definitions

KRS 160.1591 Legislative Findings and Declarations

KRS 160.1592 General Provisions

KRS 160.1593 Applications

KRS 160.1594 Authorizers

KRS 160.1595 Appeal of Approval or Denial

KRS 160.1596 Boards Contracts Regs Federal Funds Annual Report

KRS 160.1597 Contract Term

KRS 160.1598 Non Renewal School Performance Report Closure Protocol

KRS 160.1599 Conversion Charter Schools

KRS 161.141 KTRS Requirements


Kentucky Charter Schools Regulations (links)

701 KAR 8:010. Charter school student application, lottery, and enrollment. 
Charter School Student Application

701 KAR 8:020. Evaluation of charter school authorizers. 

Charter School Application and Addendum

Notice of Intent

701 KAR 8:030. Charter school appeal process.

Notice of Appeal

701 KAR 8:040. Conversion charter school petition, conversion, and operation.

Charter School Conversion and Petition


Summary of Kentucky’s Public Charter Schools Law

Public Charter Schools:

·       Start-up and conversion charters permitted

·       Virtual charter schools are not allowed

·       Charter schools are freed from most state laws and regulations except for those related to student health, life, and safety, state            code of ethics, financial audits and transparency



·       Charters must participate in all state accountability programs and state testing

·       Charter schools must meet or exceed state graduation requirements and compulsory attendance laws

·       Charter applicants enter into a binding charter contract outlining student academic outcomes and all financial expenditures  


Authorizer Type:

·       Local boards of education

·       Collaborative of local school boards that forms to set up a regional public charter school

·       Mayors of Louisville and Lexington may apply to the Kentucky Board of Education to become an authorizer

·       Final approval from the Commissioner of Education for authorized schools


Appeals Process:

·       Application decisions may be appealed to the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE.

·       KBE may affirm the authorizer’s decision, or remand back to district for reconsideration

·       If district does not approve, application may be appealed again to KBE

·       KBE may affirm authorizer decision, or remand back to district directing the district to authorize

·       For charters authorized after appeal, local board and KBE exercise joint oversight for 5 years



·       Any student residing in the district may attend a public charter school in that district

·       Preferences allowable for students on free or reduced lunch, students with special needs, and students attending persistently              low-achieving schools

·       Charter schools must offer special education services in compliance with all state and federal laws

·       Open and transparent lottery used in admissions if more applicants than available seats


Charter School Board of Directors:

·       Has final authority over all school based decisions

·       Must follow open meetings and open records laws

·       Must follow strict code of ethics and abide by all state nepotism and conflict of interest laws



·       Charter teachers must be state certified

·       Charter employees are employees of the charter school

·       Charter employees are provided health, life, and retirement benefits as all public school employees

·       Participation in state retirement system is required

·       State legislature makes the same appropriation for charter school teacher benefits as for any other public school teacher.


·       If a charter school offers inter-scholastic athletics, students may only participate in athletics at the charter school.

·       If a charter school chooses not to provide inter-scholastic athletics, students may participate at their residential home school.