How Many School Districts In Massachusetts? (Correct answer)

Information of a general nature

Regional comparison, 2012-2013
State Schools Districts
Massachusetts 1,854 404
Connecticut 1,148 200
New Hampshire 481 288

When it comes to education in Massachusetts, whose school system is the best?

  • Massachusetts has a total of 2,272 educational institutions. Beechwood Knoll Elementary School, which has a rating of 10, is one of the top schools in the area. It has a total of 369 pupils.

How many school districts are there in MA?

365 high schools were supported by 300 school districts in the 2018-19 academic year in Massachusetts.

What are the school districts in Massachusetts?

List of school districts arranged alphabetically

  • Abington Public Schools
  • Acton-Boxborough Regional School District
  • Acushnet Public Schools
  • Agawam Public Schools
  • Amesbury Public Schools
  • Amherst Public Schools
  • Amherst-Pelham Regional School District
  • Andover Public Schools
  • Acush

What is the largest school district in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts’s largest school districts are shown below.

  • Massachusetts’s Boston Public Schools are part of the Worcester Public Schools, which are part of the Springfield Public Schools, which are part of the Lynn Public Schools, which are part of the Brockton Public Schools, which are part of the Lawrence Public Schools, which are part of the New Bedford Public Schools, which are part of the Lowell Public Schools.

What is the smallest school district in Massachusetts?

NORTH BROOKFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The smallest school district in the state received an introduction to the numerous elements, advantages, and disadvantages of regionalization on Monday night.

Are Massachusetts public schools good?

It wasn’t only that Massachusetts was the greatest state overall when it came to public school alternatives; it was also the state with the highest math and reading scores and had the lowest percentage of threatened or wounded high school pupils when it came to safety.

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What is the richest high school in the world?

Here is a list of the five most expensive colleges in the world, according to their tuition fees.

  • Listed below is a list of the world’s five most costly educational establishments.

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