When Does School Start In El Paso? (Solution found)

Calendar for the 2019-2020 school year

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 12 Aug 2019 (Mon)
Thanksgiving Break 25 Nov 2019 (Mon) 29 Nov 2019 (Fri)
Christmas Break 23 Dec 2019 (Mon) 7 Jan 2020 (Tue)
Spring Break 16 Mar 2020 (Mon) 20 Mar 2020 (Fri)


  • That, as well as other important dates for parents, students, and instructors, are included below. The first day of school in El Paso will be on August 21st this year. Feel free to note it on your calendar as one of the most dreaded days of the year for kids and teachers — and feel equally free to mark it as one of your favorite days of the year without feeling guilty.

Is El Paso Texas year round?

You Should Be Aware of the New Year-Round School Calendar Adopted by the El Paso Independent School District. Almost everything has been altered as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, including the manner in which children are sent off to school. It is now slated on August 3 to begin the new school year in the El Paso and Canutillo school districts, according to the current calendar.

Is El Paso schools in person?

SISD will offer classrooms to any students who choose to attend full-day in-person education beginning on September 19. Students in pre-kindergarten through second grade will also have the option of participating in hybrid learning, which blends in-person and virtual education.

What is the best school district in El Paso TX?

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — El Paso is a city in Texas. According to the 2022 Top School Districts rankings announced Tuesday by Niche, a leading platform linking students and families with colleges and universities, the Ysleta Independent School District was named the best school district in El Paso.

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What schools are in El Paso?

El Paso’s Best Public Schools for 2022 are as follows:

  • Mission Early College High School.
  • Transmountain Early College High School.
  • Valle Verde Early College High School
  • Silva Health Magnet School.
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Are El Paso schools virtual?

EPISD is an abbreviation for “Episcopal Public Instructional Services Division.” “As of right now, we do not have any intentions to provide virtual education. In-person training and the prevention of students’ learning loss or accelerated learning are the primary beneficiaries of our government monies at this time. That will be decided by the state’s regulations and by whether or not the state updates its regulations.”

How many high schools are in El Paso?

El Paso Independent School District has 14 high schools, which is a large number. Consider the services of Crimson Education for thorough and tailored admissions advising. Services such as mentorship, essay coaching, and tutoring might assist you in gaining admission to your desired institution.

What schools are Episd?

a list of educational institutions

  • Located in the heart of downtown El Paso. Austin High School is a public high school in East El Paso. Burges High School is a public high school in the northeastern part of El Paso. Andress High School is a public high school in Andress, Texas. Chapin High School is a public high school in El Paso’s South Central neighborhood. Bowie High School is a public high school in West El Paso. Coronado High School is a public high school in El Paso’s West Central neighborhood. EHS is the El Paso High School.
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Are El Paso schools good?

Ten El Paso high schools made the list of the 2,673 finest high schools in the country, according to U.S. News World Report. All of the schools in El Paso that made the cut are charter schools or are part of the El Paso and Ysleta school systems, respectively. Harmony Science Academy, a charter school in El Paso, was ranked 232nd in the country, the highest ranking among charter schools.

Does El Paso have good schools?

A number of El Paso high schools were named to the 2018 U.S. News and World Report’s list of the nation’s finest high schools.

How many middle schools are in El Paso?

EPISD is made up of 11 high schools, 15 middle schools, and 57 elementary schools, according to the district’s website.

What is the biggest high school in El Paso?

The largest public high schools in the El Paso area are listed below.

  • Franklin High School is located in Franklin, Tennessee. Montwood High School is part of the El Paso Independent School District in Texas. In the Socorro Independent School District in Texas, there are several high schools, including Coronado High School, Americas High School, Pebble Hills High School, Socorro High School, Eastlake High School, and Eastwood High School.

What was El Paso High School before?

El Paso High School was temporarily renamed Sam Houston High School, but the name was changed back after a year due to widespread community opposition.

What is the highest grade in elementary school?

Grades Kindergarten through 6 were normally served by elementary schools; grades 7 through 9 were served by junior high schools, which were commonly situated in the same building as the senior high school; and grades 10 through 12 were served by senior high schools.

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